Source code for asr.c2db.dos

"""Density of states."""
from asr.core import command, option, atomsopt, calcopt
from import calculate as gscalculate
from ase import Atoms

[docs]@command('asr.c2db.dos') @atomsopt @calcopt @option('--kptdensity', help='K point kptdensity', type=float) def main( atoms: Atoms, calculator: gscalculate.defaults.calculator, kptdensity: float = 12.0, ) -> dict: """Calculate DOS.""" from pathlib import Path from gpaw import GPAW result = gscalculate(atoms=atoms, calculator=calculator) name = 'dos.gpw' if not Path(name).is_file(): calc = result.calculation.load( kpts=dict(density=kptdensity), nbands='300%', convergence={'bands': -10}, ) calc.get_potential_energy() calc.write(name) del calc calc = GPAW(name, txt=None) from ase.dft.dos import DOS dos = DOS(calc, width=0.0, window=(-5, 5), npts=1000) nspins = calc.get_number_of_spins() dosspin0_e = dos.get_dos(spin=0) energies_e = dos.get_energies() natoms = len(calc.atoms) volume = calc.atoms.get_volume() data = {'dosspin0_e': dosspin0_e.tolist(), 'energies_e': energies_e.tolist(), 'natoms': natoms, 'volume': volume} if nspins == 2: dosspin1_e = dos.get_dos(spin=1) data['dosspin1_e'] = dosspin1_e.tolist() return data
def plot(row=None, filename='dos.png', file=None, show=False): """Plot DOS. Defaults to dos.json. """ import json import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np dos = None # Get data from row if row is not None: if 'dos' not in return dos =['dos'] # Otherwise from from file file = file or 'dos.json' if not dos: dos = json.load(open(file, 'r')) plt.figure() plt.plot(dos['energies_e'], np.array(dos['dosspin0_e']) / dos['volume']) plt.xlabel(r'Energy - $E_\mathrm{F}$ (eV)') plt.ylabel(r'DOS (states / (eV Å$^3$)') plt.tight_layout() plt.savefig(filename) if show: return plt.gca() def webpanel(result, context): from asr.database.browser import fig panel = (f'Density of states ({context.xcname})', [[fig('dos.png')], []]) things = [(plot, ['dos.png'])] return panel, things if __name__ == '__main__': main.cli()