Source code for asr.c2db.push

"""Push along phonon modes."""
# TODO: Should be moved to setup recipes.
from typing import List
from asr.core import command, option, atomsopt, calcopt
from asr.c2db.phonons import main as phonons

from ase import Atoms

[docs]@command('asr.c2db.push') @atomsopt @calcopt @option('-q', '--momentum', nargs=3, type=float, help='Phonon momentum') @option('-m', '--mode', type=int, help='Mode index') @option('-a', '--amplitude', type=float, help='Maximum distance an atom will be displaced') @option('-n', help='Supercell size', type=int) @option('--mingo/--no-mingo', is_flag=True, help='Perform Mingo correction of force constant matrix') def main( atoms: Atoms, momentum: List[float] = [0, 0, 0], mode: int = 0, amplitude: float = 0.1, calculator: dict = phonons.defaults.calculator, n: int = phonons.defaults.n, mingo: bool = phonons.defaults.mingo, ) -> Atoms: """Push structure along some phonon mode and relax structure.""" from asr.phonons import analyse import numpy as np q_c = momentum # Get modes phresults = phonons( atoms=atoms, calculator=calculator, n=n, mingo=mingo, ) omega_kl = phresults.omega_kl u_klav = phresults.u_kl q_qc = phresults.q_qc omega_kl, u_klav, q_qc = analyse(modes=True, q_qc=[q_c]) iq = np.argwhere( (np.sum(np.abs(q_qc - q_c), axis=0) < 1e-3).all(axis=1) ) # Repeat atoms from fractions import Fraction repeat_c = [Fraction(qc).denominator if qc > 1e-3 else 1 for qc in q_qc[iq]] newatoms = atoms * repeat_c # Here ``Na`` refers to a composite unit cell/atom dimension pos_Nav = newatoms.get_positions() # Total number of unit cells N = # Corresponding lattice vectors R_m R_cN = np.indices(repeat_c).reshape(3, -1) # Bloch phase phase_N = np.exp(2j * np.pi *, R_cN)) phase_Na = phase_N.repeat(len(atoms)) # Repeat and multiply by Bloch phase factor mode_av = u_klav[iq, mode] n_a = np.linalg.norm(mode_av, axis=1) mode_av /= np.max(n_a) mode_Nav = (np.vstack(N * [mode_av]) * phase_Na[:, np.newaxis] * amplitude) newatoms.set_positions(pos_Nav + mode_Nav.real) return newatoms
if __name__ == '__main__': main.cli()