Data migrationΒΆ

What about the data that we already have. How do we convert these into those new RunRecords? Here is an example of MoS2.

$ cd MoS2-b3b4685fb6e1

$ asr cache ls
name parameters

$ asr cache migrate
You have unapplied migrations:
Migrate resultsfile results-asr.raman.json
Migrate resultsfile results-asr.dimensionality.json
Migrate resultsfile results-asr.polarizability.json
Migrate resultsfile strains--1.0%-yy/results-asr.relax.json
Migrate resultsfile strains--1.0%-yy/results-asr.formalpolarization.json

    $ asr cache migrate --apply
to apply these migrations.

$ asr cache migrate --apply

$ asr cache migrate
All records up to date. No migrations to apply.

$ asr cache ls -f "uid migrated_from migrated_to" -w 10
          uid migrated_from   migrated_to
7679d7750b...          None e7b94d69fc...
e7b94d69fc... 7679d7750b...          None